Dear Friends,

Best practices for remote work and lessons learned as a decentralized organization

Dear friends,

In recent days, organizations from around the world have taken the necessary steps to ask employees to work from home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For many people, this represents a rapid and significant shift in our work habits. When working from home, we can often feel less connected, have difficulty concentrating, and we can have trouble communicating or collaborating without a proximity to our colleagues.

In recent years, Arche has been working with our clients to develop decentralized collaboration models and training for employees to learn and adapt rapidly in a constantly changing world.

While we hope conditions will improve as quickly as possible, we want to help our clients and partners to prepare for these possible measures that will be taken to prevent the spread of the virus, by implementing strategies to protect its employees and minimize the impact of COVID-19.

The webinar was held on March 23, at 12pm.

Here is the link to view the recorded webinar:

The presentation is available here to view or download here: Arche Innovation – Remote work – March 23 2020

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Stay safe!

The Arche Team