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Noah Redler


Noah Redler is the the founder of Arche Innovation and former Campus Director at Montreal’s Notman House. A Montreal based entrepreneur he founded NR Project Development and is the co-founder of; Noah has been involved in the startup community for years by volunteering as the MTL Community Manager for StartUp Canada, the founder of the MTL Entrepreneurial Mashup event bringing startups and big business together, he is the co-founder of La Tournée des Entrepreneurs and was formerly a member of the Bureau de Direction of the Regroupement des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce du Quebec.

In 2015 Noah was named one of the “25 leaders qui feront bouger le Québec” by Les Affaires magazine. Noah speaks at conferences on subjects such as Open Innovation and the creation of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. He has been invited as a speaker at StartUp Canada Day on the Hill, PROCOLUMBIA conference, TIC Technocentre Colloque in Gaspé, l’Entretien Jacques-Cartier delegation in Lyon, the Africa Web Festival in Abidjan, the Forum on Digital Economy in Cameroon and is co-host of the podcast Les Dérangeants.


Pascal Beauchesne

Partner + Head of R&D

Pascal is a Montreal based world citizen who advocates for place making of pedestrians and cyclists in the city, public health, the good-driven use of technology in society, and social equality. With an entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial background & approach, he has been for the 18 years advising the creative and technology industries, as well as the social innovation impact sector, in their processes of change and open innovation, building networks locally and abroad, favoring intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Pascal is a thinker & strategist, and a team player when it comes to process of change, identify structuring projects where tech is able to collaborate, stimulate entrepreneurship and support the creation, implementation, attraction or development of companies from different economic sectors on the territory of Québec.   He is active and engaged administrator and advisor for impact organizations such as Esplanade, the first accelerator dedicated to entrepreneurs and social innovators in Québec, and La Piscine / Rodier, the first accelerator dedicated to entrepreneurs from creative and cultural industries.

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Patrice Sébastien César

Project Manager

Patrice studied in Montreal and Beijing. With his social entrepreneurial mindset, he joined ARCHE after being a business lawyer. Patrice also coached the debate team he founded at the Université de Montréal and is a recipient of the Forces AVENIR Award in 2013.

Patrice has been involved in the governance of several community organizations and political bodies at the provincial and federal levels. He wants to understand how society work and try to reflect freely in order to obtain an accurate picture of his environment.

Patrice co-founded the company Think Again to develop tech solutions in education. He won C2MTL’s Emerging Entrepreneur Award in 2017.

In his free time, Patrice chooses to discover Haiti, his country of origin. Let him tell you about his adventures.

Caroline Godin - Headshot

Caroline Godin

Project Coordinator

Caroline has a strong background in development economics acquired through her bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Development at the University of Ottawa and through her master’s degree in Economics at Queen’s University. Through these programs, she learned the importance of a disciplined, evidence-based approach in development to design effective strategies that result in positive and tangible impacts on domestic and international economies.

Caroline was exposed to the start-up world through an internship during her master’s degree with Limestone Economics Inc., a consultancy firm that conducts economic analysis for international development projects. She led a cost-effectiveness analysis of a nutrition project in Pakistan that became her master’s essay and was later presented in Washington and published in the Journal of Nutrition. This experience allowed her to develop project management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills that she brings with her at Arche.

She has spent the last two years working as a policy analyst for Employment and Social Development Canada, where she had the opportunity to work on files related to the Future of Work, skills development training and Canada’s social benefits policies and programs.

During her free time Caroline likes to explore her creativity through dance and discover the world that surrounds her.

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Sonia Staali

Project Coordinator

Sonia has a passion for writing, which is what led her to continue her studies in communications at the Université de Montréal. In parallel, she collaborated with blogs to refine and develop her writing style.

The effervescence of the entrepreneurial ecosystem has led her to work with various startups. She finds that these business models allow to learn a lot and she finds her experiences very rewarding. She joined the Arche team to take on new challenges.

Sonia also works on various personal projects including Boutique Binetna; an online store that promotes North African handicrafts.


Claudia Vezeau

Project Coordinator

Claudia’s passion for design is what defines her as an entrepreneur. Starting with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design, she goes on to obtain her Master’s degree from University of Montreal’s faculty of Environmental Design and Planning. Throughout her studies,

Claudia reveals leadership and entreprenarial qualities, which were highlighted by the awards and bursaries she received.

She goes on to co-found DĒMĒ, a brand that takes industrial waste and transforms products into timeless luxury pieces. She is also one the founders of QuestionsX, a non-profit where the objective is to bring together and elevate young Montreal entrepreneurs. Futhermore, Claudia is a consultant for the Ministry of Quebec on a project that aims to valorise textile waste all over the province.

Design methodology and cicular economy are at the heart of this young entrepreneur’s approach. She strives to make use of the knowledge she’s acquired over the years in sustainable development to contribute to the evolution of municipalities, organisations and businesses, which would ultimately lead to a more efficient planet.