Our Ecosystem

At the heart of Arche’s DNA is a desire to contribute and to commit in a tangible way to Quebec’s innovation ecosystem. We strongly believe that our societies’ innovation and progress happens through collaboration and the sharing of human experiences.

Arche commits to:
Supporting community organizations or initiatives in developing innovative learning experiences.
Engaging the community by creating innovation experiences that promote learning and collaboration.
Sharing knowledge acquired through our experience in a variety of projects.
Re-Innovate logo (ecosystem)

Designed and powered by Arche Innovation, Re-Innovate is a training initiative aimed at supporting businesses and their employees in developing their knowledge and essential skills to start their innovation project, through experiential learning. Re-Innovate offers workshops, conferences, launchpads and open innovation experiences adapted to your needs.

For more information, visit the Re-Innovate site.

Smart City Experience
Smart City Experience

The subject of smart cities is at the centre of many conversations linked to social, economic and environmental changes which are occurring and will occur in the next decades. To contribute to positive changes within our society, Arche organizes each year a Smart City Experience, which includes conferences, workshops and networking activities, where various public, institutional and private players get together to exchange views, learn, collaborate and build with one another the bases of the cities of tomorrow.



Hackerfest is a 24-hour hackathon organized annually in collaboration with Startupfest. Multiple community groups invite their collaborators to geek out overnight and develop some very cool projects. Why? Simply for the love of the hack.


At Arche, our social commitment is a part of our DNA. Each year, our team chooses an initiative which we believe in and share our time, expertise and network to support them in a project or the development of a new innovative program.

In 2019, Arche had the opportunity to assist the community group L’Itinéraire, which has been working for 25 years on social integration of people in situations of homelessness.

Together, we set up a new program for work integration called Connexion Compétences for participants from the Café de la Maison Ronde. The Café de la Maison Ronde is the only indigenous coffee house in Montreal. It employs indigenous persons distant from the work market, suffering from addiction, mental health and social isolation problems. We hope that our contribution will help them achieve their full potential.

“The pursuit of the Itinéraire’s assistance program Connexion Compétences would have been difficult to achieve without the help of a sensitive, skilled, devoted and respectful team like the one from Arche Innovation.”
– Luc Desjardins, General Manager of L’Itinéraire